Reasons Why You Should Switch to Automated Visitor Management Systems

Traditionally, businesses have maintained paper log books and paper-based registers. Such systems are slow, inefficient, unreliable, resource intensive, prone to manipulation, and not easy to use as visitors are required to write their information on these registers. Moreover, recovery of data from such logs is a tedious task. With continuous advancements in technology over the decades, paper log books are becoming increasingly obsolescent, it becomes more difficult to work with a manual process. An automated visitor management system (VMS) can help your business.

As business complexities rise, security levels have also improved in various facilities. VMS can help businesses improve every aspect of the visitor experience, from greeting them until their departure. Welcoming guests is key to the success of any organization however it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing safety. A customized visitor management systems will help you efficiently and effectively welcome your guests while maintaining control over who accesses the facility, how long a visitor stays and what parts of your facilities a visitor is able to access. SecuViz is the future of visitor management. It is designed by keeping in mind the specific customer requirements of a modern-day business. For example, it is capable of reading, and automatically capturing data from all the major Kenyan ID card types and all the passports of the world. Here are the reasons why you should switch to visitor management systems:

Faster logging in of visitors

The front desk will be able to process entries quicker without the need to make manual entries. This is especially useful when hosting seminars or events that would see a high footfall. Employees can have their visitors registered ahead of time, this helps avoid complex registration processes.

Enhanced visitor experience

Your visitors will no longer be required to manually fill their details each time they arrive at the front desk. It improves visitor service by making them feel welcomed. While checking out visitors deposit the entry pass in the drop box. Visitors leave with a positive impression about your organization.

Easy creations of records

Data of all visitors is stored within the system and can be accessed easily. This data can be used to generate reports and analyze the movement of visitors.

Enhanced Security

The system eliminates the possibility of errors occurring while filling in details. It permits selective access so that visitors can access only those departments/ facilities that they are to visit.

Register Multiple Visitors

Multiple users can be pre-registered simultaneously into the system and are useful when your business is hosting large-scale professional meetings or summits.

Assure Confidentiality of Information

Your customers’ personal data will be secure in the system and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

It builds you professional credibility

It not only improves security but it enriches the professional image of your business. It attracts more business opportunities as you are now a trusted and secure business. It helps convey a sense of professionalism to all those who visit your facility.

Returning visitors are recognized immediately.

All visitor information is saved in the system. This permits returning visitors to be signed in with very little time and effort because the system has all the information stored in it.

It’s time to replace your shabby old log book with a useful and modern system.